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When Your Levee Breaks by Dr Stella

Slaves Who Love Chains by Dr Olukoya

Dancers at The Gates of Death by Dr Olukoya

Deliverance by Fire by Dr Olukoya

Victory Over Satanic Dreams

Dealing with Evil Foundations by Rev Mosy Madugba

See Other Books below

Prayer Passport by Dr Olukoya

Command The Morning by Dr Olukoya

Book on Deliverance and Spiritual Warfare


Visit our bookstore to get your copy of “When Your Levee Breaks” by Dr. Stella and our other resources from the “Believers Weapons of Mass Destruction” Today!

We also have numerous books by Dr. D. K. Olukoya of Mountain Of Fire And Miracles Ministries like Prayer Rain, Prayer Passport and others to help you teach your hands to war and your fingers to fight.

We are also featuring books on warfare, prayer and deliverance by many other powerful and anointed ministers of the gospel. Check out our resource center. Click on Books To Order

0 Responses to Book on Deliverance and Spiritual Warfare

  1. Jenny Bryant on August 11, 2010 at 8:17 pm

    I am trying to purchase the new deliverance Bible and it wont let me order without getting a website for 49.00 and I cant afford to do that is there any way to just purchase the Bible and book I want?

  2. demarcus on August 12, 2010 at 12:12 pm

    Jenny you need to go back to the link and when you are about to checkout you need to sign up as a Customer. It will say this (If you are a first time customer click the link below:
    Join as a Customer) Thanks!!

  3. demarcus on August 12, 2010 at 12:15 pm

    Jenny also when you go to the link you can Join as a customer First by going to the link on the left hand side of your screen that says Join As A Customer. Be Blessed….

  4. pastorann on September 23, 2010 at 10:31 pm

    I am trying to order Sustained Fire but I do not see it in the bookstore

  5. Theodora Stanford on December 19, 2010 at 12:25 pm

    I need your help. I ordered the e book spirit husband / wife on the 12/07/2010, I received an email from Pay pal that my payment was cleared on the 12/12/2010 and I would received the document between 12/15/10 to 12/17/2010. I try down loading the e book yesterday and keep referring to pay pal for an invoice number I entered the email address that I used for pay pal and invoice #, and I am not getting through. My email address is tstanford@rogers.com Inv BD47CD62 last name Stanford
    I also ordered worhip weapon of warfare and sustained fire until they are consumed on the 12/13/2010 and they adv me that Ipayment would be cleared by 12/20/2010-12/22/2010. Can you call me at 647-201-3712 or 647-343-3393 to confirm staus

    • demarcus on December 20, 2010 at 1:39 pm

      Theodora Stanford thanks for your order and we are looking into this manner at our offices today. We will update you on the status through email.

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